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Welcome to the Maynooth University School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

The School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers various Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree pathways in the areas of Chinese Studies, French Studies, German Studies, Spanish and Latin American Studies. At Undergraduate level, small class sizes in language learning ensure a high degree of student engagement which feeds into the acquisition of a high degree of linguistic competence in the foreign language. Language learning also includes learning about the target culture, hence students will also acquire (inter)cultural competence, not only in the language classes but also by a deep engagement with literary and other cultural products of the target speech community.

Students will have the opportunity to spend time abroad so that they can apply their acquired knowledge by immersing themselves in the target language(s) and culture(s). Linguistic and intercultural competence open up innovative study and work trajectories which are highly valued in an increasingly globalised world.

At postgraduate level, the School currently offers taught Masters programmes leading to a MA in French, MA in German, MA in Spanish and Latin American Studies and MA in Chinese Studies. In addition, all four language areas offer Masters by research, structured PhD programmes and a number of Professional Certificates, Postgraduate Certificates and Postgraduate Diplomas.

The School's research in literary, language and cultural studies ranges from the medieval to the very contemporary. Research by staff members is reflected in their high-profile publications and informs their teaching. The School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures provides a vibrant and friendly teaching and research community offering expertise and innovation in a wide variety of fields.