Spotlight on Research

5 medieval hair treatments and trends

Connla Mac an Leagha's 16th century collection contains many remedies and treatments for medieval Irish society, writes Dr Siobhán Barrett, Department of Early Irish

Thursday, 24 November 2022

Will temperatures up to 17C become the norm in November?

The recent warmer than usual weather experienced across Europe raises important questions for society, write Shirley Howe and Dr Samantha Hallam, ICARUS and Department of Geography

Thursday, 17 November 2022

How did layoffs become the answer to every business problem?

The short-term interest of financial investors is now what rules every organisation, which is bad news for employees, writes Dr Jean Cushen, School of Business

Wednesday, 09 November 2022

Are smart devices creating an unequal world?

The last 10 years has seen a dramatic change in our use of connected, smart devices, but are they creating an unequal world asks Matthew McKenna, PhD candidate, Department of Psychology

Wednesday, 02 November 2022

Why are sea levels rising higher than expected?

Aside from climate change, local exacerbating factors are behind rising sea levels in Irish coastal cities, writes Dr Gerard McCarthy and Prof Andrew Parnell, ICARUS

Tuesday, 25 October 2022

Why the State should provide early legal advice for refugees

Early legal advice and assistance would benefit both State and applicants resulting in higher-quality decisions and fewer appeals, Victoria Oluwatobi Isa Daniel, School of Law and Criminology

Monday, 17 October 2022

5 things a Citizens' Assembly on drug use should consider

The Citizens' Assembly provides a unique opportunity to learn from elsewhere and develop an evidence-based response to drug use, writes Dr Ian Marder, School of Law and Criminology

Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Genetic breakthrough could lead to safer food production

An international team of researchers has revealed the genetic underpinnings of a harmful fungal toxin responsible for food spoilage, writes Dr Özgür Bayram, Biology Department.

Monday, 03 October 2022

Satire and medieval Irish poetry

A previously untranslated story reveals how medieval Irish poets used satire to influence social, moral and legal structures of the day writes Truc Ha Nguyen, Department of Early Irish

Friday, 23 September 2022

Are the far right a threat to Irish democracy?

Civil society strategies are needed to help prevent any future far right growth in Ireland, write Barry Cannon and Joseph Munnelly of the Sociology Department

Thursday, 01 September 2022