QCD equation of state

Friday, May 10, 2024 - 14:00 to 15:00
Hall A, Arts Block, North Campus, Maynooth & on Teams


We have the pleasure to welcome Dr Andrey Kotov, Research Center Jülich, Germany, who will be speaking about

Thermal QCD phase transition and its scaling window from lattice simulations with Wilson twisted mass fermions

We discuss the lattice study of the thermal QCD phase transition and its scaling properties.

The simulations are performed with N_f=2+1+1 Wilson twisted mass fermions at pion masses from physical up to heavy quark regime. We introduce a new chiral order parameter, which is free from linear mass contributions and turns out to be useful for the study of scaling behaviour. Our results are compatible with O(4) universal scaling for the physical pion mass and the temperature range [120:300] MeV. Violations to scaling at larger masses and other possible scenarios, including mean field behaviour and Z(2) universality class are also discussed.

We provide an estimation for the critical temperature in the chiral limit T_0 and also discuss the possible threshold in QCD at T=300 MeV.


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