Each institute has established enterprise contacts who will contribute to this initiative, including Avectas, Alltech, Analog Devices, ULYSSES Neuroscience, Mindconnex,WuXi Biologics, Pfizers, MSD Brinny, Agilent, Thermofisher, Eli Lilly, Janssen, Regeneron, Henkel, Abbott, and Almac.

Our enterprise partners include global leaders and their participation and contribution to our teaching programmes will create a distinct, cutting-edge, unique and exceptional learning environment.

Engagement with enterprise stakeholders will involve design of module content, interacting with students at showcase events, a seminar series with keynote enterprise speakers and student-enterprise partner workshops with roundtable discussions.

Our partners come from highly successful and thriving sectors in Ireland with companies who are leaders in the Pharmaceutical, Bio-pharmaceutical, Semiconductor and Food and Drink industries, reflecting the broad interests of our students.