Terms of Reference
The Faculty of Arts and Humanities Teaching and Learning Committee is set as an advisory body to the Faculty.
Its role is to discuss matters of learning and teaching process that concern all units within the Faculty. It will assist the Dean in bringing proposals and recommendations to the general Faculty meetings that relate to educational matters. It will also collaborate with the relevant Academic Council committees, and its counterparts in the other Faculties.
The specific remit of this Teaching and Learning Committee, reporting to and subject to oversight and review by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, is to:

  1. Recommend specific actions to Faculty, the Dean, Academic Council and other University bodies, relating to teaching and learning within the Faculty.
  2. Promote excellence in teaching in the Humanities by sharing best practice and highlighting new initiatives.
  3. Review, propose and provide input to University decisions on policy and practices concerning teaching and learning, in support of, and informing the University Strategic Plan.
  4. Promote a collaborative approach to teaching and learning across the whole of the Faculty, supporting interdisciplinary and inter-faculty cooperation, as appropriate.
  5. Respond to, review, and communicate national and international teaching and learning policy agendas on behalf of the Faculty, where appropriate.
  6. Review proposals from the Academic Council Academic Programme Committee and make recommendations to that committee.


  • One member nominated by each Faculty academic unit with a maximum of two from each school.
  • Up to three other members co-opted from the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Library, Student Union, or other service units.
  • Dean or Associate Dean (ex-officio).
  • The Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning (FAH) who will be the Chair (ex-officio).