Student-run clubs form the back-bone of the sports and recreation programme. The Sports Office organises a range of fitness classes for those who are unable to commit themselves fully to a club.

We have 32 active university clubs, an exceptional and time-honored structure is in place for student sport.

At Maynooth University, we aim to provide as many students and staff as possible with the opportunity to partake in sports and physical recreation.  The formative years spent at university should encompass a lot more than study and course-work. Research and practical knowledge vouches that sport enables all of us to work and play better. For students, the lifestyle habits adopted during the college years are likely to be those for life. School-leavers just starting college have an obvious advantage and can anticipate quick gains through physical training which should stand to them for the rest of their years.

Maynooth University is committed to the development of sporting excellence and awards a number of sport scholarships annually to promote and foster sporting talent in the University. We have sports development programmes in:


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Facilities are spread over both campuses, with the main centre comprising two sports halls, two gyms, indoor and outdoor dressing-rooms and various playing pitches.

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Student-run clubs and societies form the back-bone of the sports and recreation as well as student life program at Maynooth University.