Payroll Office

The Payroll Office is responsible for the payment of the weekly and monthly wages and salaries of all staff at Maynooth University. We are situated in the Rye Extension Building on the north campus (no. 45). See map.
Please see our Frequently Asked Question Section before contacting the payroll office. 

Office Hours

Telephone queries are taken between the office hours of 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.  Callers to the office are seen between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Please have your staff number ready when contacting the Payroll Office.

Martina Shannon
Payroll Administrator
(Monday to Thursday, mornings only)
01 708 3508
Rionach Day
Payroll Administrator
(Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only) 
01 708 3448
Claire Neary
Payroll Administrator
(Monday, Tuesday only)
  Currently on career break
Ann Marie Muldoon
Payroll Administrator
(Monday to Friday)
01 708 6625
Ann-Marie Doyle
Assistant Payroll Manager
(Monday to Friday)
01 708 6141
Yvonne Kavanagh
Payroll Manager
01 708 3606



From 1st January 2019 Revenue have undertaken a reform of the tax system called  PAYE Modernisation. It involves the most significant reform of the PAYE system since its introduction in 1960. Employers will calculate and report their employees’ pay and deductions as they are being paid. This will make it easier to deduct and pay at the right time the correct amounts of:

  • Income Tax
  • Pay Related Social Insurance
  • Universal Social Charge
  • Local Property Tax. 

What does this mean for staff ( Employees )

  1. Simplified online services
  2. Maximise use of entitlements
  3. Automatic end of year review
  4. Real time accurate data
  5. Transparency

Currently Revenue notify Maynooth University of your tax credits by way of a Tax credit certificate. This cert will be replaced by a Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN) The RPN will provide us with the necessary information to deduct the following correctly:

  • Income Tax
  • USC
  • LPT.

It will show:

  • Tax credits.
  • Income Tax and Universal Social Charge (USC) cut-off points.
  • Any previous pay, tax and USC deducted from 1 January (unless the certificate is on a week one or month one basis).
  • Income Tax and USC exemptions.
  • The amount of Local Property Tax (LPT) to be deducted, if applicable. 

Staff will still be able to apply for an RPN from their MYACCOUNT. If you do not have a MYACCOUNT with Revenue we would strongly advise you to go to the
Revenue website and apply for one as no P60’s will issue from 2019 onwards.

Last P60’s will be for the year 2018.

P45’s will also be discontinued for all employment ceased in 2019.